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16 Amazing Coffee Table Designs: on TFOD and beyond!

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on November 19, 2015 at 01:12 PM

Those elements in space décor that you can easily play around with in terms of form, colour, material, accessories, et al are the handiest ones to define the décor of dilute its theme, accentuate it or tone it down, make it comfortable, formal, grand or chic as required. A coffee table is one such element, and also the most popular choice for the aforesaid purposes. Designing or picking the right design of coffee table for whatever space needs to be adorned with it, accessorizing and decorating it can be a most fun filled and fruitful décor exercise one can undertake, especially while renovating or preparing your space for a special event, festival or guest. Coffee tables can come in a range of sizes to fit in with décor and purpose, be it the centre piece of your living room, complete a nook in your lounge or accompany a reading chair in your library. Its purpose can also range from purely utilitarian to simply decorative or anything in between. What can be said about materials and colours, they’ll go along as far as your imagination can take them. And, the accessories, well…let your imagination just run wild! Here’s looking at some coffee tables from TFOD and beyond: take your pick, or your inspiration, to start your own coffee table décor project.

© Courtesy of Ar. Hiren Patel, on TFOD

Classic Ebony-and-Ivory

Our journey must begin with the classic ebony-and-ivory lacquer polished coffee table (like the one in the cover picture, from Ar. Hiren Patel’s Profile on TFOD) which can either match up with a black’n’white theme or add contrast to a coloured ensemble. Note how this table has its black centre rising just above the rest to display the accessories, while the white panel runs right around it serving the utilitarian purpose. The design can be scaled up or down to suit the size of the space. Image 1 features another black’n’white piece with multiple levels, pockets and drawers to accommodate all accessories and utilities.

Nested Seating

TFODian Dhruva Samal’s slatted centre piece (image 2) has four little nested couches that can be retrieved when needed to sit on. Though nesting coffee tables are a popular idea, this one takes off differently by having nested seats. It complements the very basic furniture scheme and may even double up as a dining table.

Wheeled Simplicity

This plain sheet of glass mounted on four prominent and basic wheels is a statement in simplicity of design (image 3). Particularly noteworthy is the way its rawness has been made to stand out against a scheme of cushy and sophisticated pastels, and accessorized with such cutesies, as well.

Floral Finesse

Another black beauty, a lacquer finished, solid, low rise centre piece by Rajnysh Rami is on display on TFOD galleries (image 4). A dark gold floral motif inset on the surface, edging the table in the profile of its petals adds classy elegance to this masterpiece.

An Act of Glass

Stained glass designs are also a popular choice for coffee table tops and are available in a wide range of choices. What sets this particular one (image 5) apart is the different use of stained glass in the flaming yellow screens teaming up with steel frames that form the reticulate support of this plain glass table top.

Twins, Torn Apart

It is common practice in the design of very large or spacious living rooms or lounges to have a pair of identical or mirrored coffee tables placed at some distance from each other to fill up the central void in furniture layout and also cater to all the surrounding seats, while avoiding a single unwieldy large centre piece. Again seen on TFOD - Architect Rajesh Patel gives a charming twist to this twin arrangement by fashioning the inner, facing edges of the tinted glass tops of each of the couple in a jagged outline, as if the two were torn apart from a single table (image 6)

The Aquarium

An oval glass topped bevelled glass case holds sand, water and other aquarium accessories to make an innovative coffee table (image 7)

Magical Mosaics

Mosaics made with colourful china are an attractive choice for any surface, so also for coffee tables. This circular wrought iron framed table mounted with a brilliant blue china mosaic and paired with comfortable iron framed chairs weaves Mediterranean magic around this poolside (image 8).


The plainest or most basic coffee tables can be perked up with the right accessories, like this one in image 9 has a pile of colour coordinated coffee table books topped by a coral ornament, accompanied by a uniquely fashioned vase and a glass and steel sculptural piece to finish the scheme. Or, the one in image 10 decorated in an X’mas theme with cones, ferns and silver bells.

Handcrafted Nautical

Nautical themes never fail to charm, be they adorning a dress or a room. Image 11 displays one of the most disarming ones I have encountered so far, with comfy couches in bright shades of blue and white, complemented by woven rope seats. One can’t help falling for the hand carved stone centrepiece, which can transport us directly to the bed of the sea, topped by a coral ornament. Well, looks like coral ornaments were made for coffee table tops!

Colourfully Eclectic

The outstandingly colourful and inviting contemporary ensemble put together (image 12) in this interior by KNS Architects has again been picked up from the TFOD galleries. One can’t help but feel attracted to the sculptural, glossy yet totally utilitarian centre piece of this design. In true KNS style it is bold, unique and simultaneously makes absolute sense.

Playful Grouping

It is a pleasure to observe how the forms in some, colours in some and style in yet some other elements of the ensemble in image 13 match up and congregate to create this beautifully balanced, warm and attractive composition. The graphics on the vase and carpet, the forms of the curvaceous, sleek and modern coffee table and arm chair, the visual matching of the ‘industrial’ berries in the vase and the playful lighting on the wall and last, but not the least, the colour scheme have all been innovatively combined.

Elegant in Red

It is amazing how the sleek and minimal lines of Japanese landscape never fail to spell out sophistication and luxury, as in the case of this red moulded glass coffee table paired with the elegant lines of brilliant white ceramics, becoming part of an uber attractive red and white composition in image 14.

Cool ‘n’ Casual

And, in image 15, designer duo Amit and Ashmi Shah diplay on their TFOD Profile, a cheerfully bright look for a reception lounge. The orange painted iron frame and wooden slat extrapolation of garden furniture isn’t just visually impactful, but makes a promise of long term comfort as well.

To sum it up, coffee table décor is definitely an area for the designer in each of us to indulge in, so pick up an inspiration and get going! Keep watching this space for more fabulous decor ideas...!

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Photography :Via Designers on TFOD, or Internet Sources

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