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TFOD Profile Of The Week: Rupande Shah & Associates, Kolkata

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on December 04, 2015 at 02:21 PM

Our Profile Of The Week - Rupande Shah & Associates is one of Kolkata’s premier design studios. Modeled around the core design philosophy “less is more”, and yet infusing a deep and rich flavour to contemporary spaces, the studio is known for graceful and elegant styling. Particularly popular in the segment of residential interiors in Kolkata’s elitist echelons, the studio’s profile reflects the commitment to creating bespoke luxury.

© Courtesy of Rupande Shah & Associates, Kolkata

Exploring the dynamics of light and space, colours and textures, Rupande Shah & Associates is a trend-setting design firm. Using a multitude of innovative ideas in materials and detailing, the studio addresses the challenges in the each project. With the clients’ needs and preferences at the heart of the design, the studio derives inspiring interior spaces, with a high quotient of style and sophistication.

Rupande Shah got her Bachelors degree in Architecture from the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai in 1988, and followed it up with a Masters’ from Pratt Institute, New York. The US influence in the formative years of studying surely manifests in her clear preference for the contemporary aesthetic; however, elements from the myriad Indian cultural traditions steep in – adding a subtle, homely charm. 

Rupande believes that now is an exciting time for Indian design. The past decade has shown a marked change in the consciousness of people towards good design and the quality and availability of materials and products has significantly improved the design output too. She has witnessed the huge shift in mentality towards hiring professional design services, at close quarters. 

Getting into the niche of high-end residential interiors, however, was not a planned move, but one that came about in the natural course of things. She did a couple of plush apartments and then her credibility grew and she got more and more of projects in that niche – because she could time and again spruce up stunning homes for her clients – each of whom were top-notch and well-known names! She feels it was her personal attention to details that was appreciated and thus her forte in luxurious residential interiors evolved. 

Her journey too reflects the evolution of the design scene in India – and was dotted with challenges – of site constraints, of budget, of clients’ unwillingness to experiment, of not finding the right products and more – but she says it has been a rewarding and satisfying one!  From her first project of remodeling a 120 sq ft bedroom to  the lavish 10,000 sq ft spaces she now handles - the journey is indeed an interesting one. Her clients today are notable people from all walks of life; who are well-traveled and have a refined aesthetic sense. To match up to their expectations, seems to be her biggest challenge today...

The dynamic architect, who believes in the power of the digital media, considers The Future Of Design to be a great platform for reaching out to a much larger audience of people who are conscious of good design and wish to work with professionals! We, at TFOD, are grateful for the studio’s presence and participation!  


Designer : Rupande Shah & Associates, Kolkata
Photography :Courtesy the architect

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