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Interior Trends 2016: TFOD Foretells the Future!

Posted by
on December 23, 2015 at 12:59 PM

It’s hard to say whether needs and moods define trends or, conversely, a trend creates a mood or an aesthetic. But, one thing is for sure - trends change. And, a change in the calendar seems a better time than any other to track these changes in décor trends, in what makes up the look ‘n’ feel of our immediate environments, in our homes, workplaces and spaces of recreation. The designers on TFOD are sure to have added their share to trend-setting this year, so here we go, tracking what these portend for 2016.

© Courtesy of www.tfod.in

Flowing Contiguity

As we became more aware each day of the intrinsic time and space transcending quality of the world we live in, as technology helped us reach out and connect to the remotest corners of earth and outer space alike, as we realized that walls and partitions are but artificial interferences and that space is essentially without beginning or end, it started to reflect in the spaces we create. Gone were the boxy rooms to make way for contiguous spaces, surfaces and forms. Flowing, blending, seamless, borderless, jointless, corner-less unending became the keywords that dictate the quality of any element of an interior, and that pretty much continues to be trend at the turn of the year. We see this amply displayed in this  institutional design by J. Mayer H. (img 1) as also in this teenager's room in a Club in Kolkata by Ar. Abin Chaudhuri (img 2).

Muted Themes and Colour Splashes

The unending, flowing qualities of spaces seem best articulated in whites and muted shades, as they seem to create a sense of distance and volume. This is, though, at odds with the fact that outer space is actually dark to the human eye. But we see a trend where most designers resort to muted tones for a majority of surfaces in a room, with some using black and dark greys. And, contrasting splashes of spicy and saucy hues or blingy metallic tones make an appearance on wall panels, fabrics, trinkets or framed paintings, adding pizzazz and serving to emphasize the infinity of the spaces they adorn as seen in designer Meghana Shetty’s (img 3) muted grey and brown apartment design dotted with bright red upholstery. Or, in the bold table in this reception area designed by Amit and Ashmi Shah (img 4). And, containers have become a fad of late to be used in some forms of impermanent architecture but, this vivid yellow one suspended in KNS’ grey industrial interior (img 5) for an office sure makes a splash.

Bold Graphics and Eye-catching Highlights

While the accent wall is over and out, the graphic wall is just in and looking to be around for a while. In fact, graphics want to be anywhere: on cushions, curtains, pendants, frames, chairs, tables and walls. And, are they bold! They catch the eye in loud colours or larger than life paintings, graffiti and murals in Ninad Tipnis’ cafeteria (img 6) as also in a restaurant in Vadodara (img 7) by Trupesh Purohit and Ruchita Mehta of Studio Outline. But, KNS’ spicy graphic dining chairs (img 8)…oh, how they pep up the otherwise sombre scene!

Patterns – Stripes, Checks, Collages,…even Algorithms

Stripes are enjoying a dominant presence, as are other patterns, sometimes being used together in some kind of a collage. Akshay Heranjal describes this essentially infinite-feeling space at the centre of a house with a virtual college of materials and textures (img 9). Note here how the stripes of wood that form the stairs turn over the end of each step and continue unendingly, adding to the feeling of infinity. But, the fetish with patterns is best exemplified by Lester Rosario’s Fibonacci wall (img 10).

Juxtaposing Raw and Polish

The same non-conformation of this restless generation with any single style or theme that is apparent in its fondness for mixing textures also results in a playful juxtaposition of raw, unfinished elements with fine, sophisticated surfaces like in this showroom for designer watches by stARCH  Design Spectrum (img 11) where bamboo walls and ceiling are seen paired with ornately dressed elements.

The Screen is back

Yes, the perforated screen or Jaali which enjoyed a ubiquitous presence in historical settings has made a comeback, and is being interpreted in a myriad ways. From backlit MDF ceiling panels to partitions, from traditional perforation patterns to graffiti punctures, can see all types. Sanjay Puri’s installation of epic screens in his design for a hotel interior are most defining of this trend, while we see here in Vaibhavi Thakkar’s research topic - multiplex interiors partitioned by a screen with striped perforations, a jaali you wouldn’t usually notice (img 12).

Motifs – Repeated or Reflected

The Devil most agreeably dwells in the details, for the details, more often than not make all the difference, today and always. One of the trendiest details to catch on has been the use of floral, Arabesque or traditional motifs, repeatedly in a row or reflectively on various elements of an interior. Here, designers Amit and Ashmi Shah have used a paisley cutout, repeatedly, on different surfaces - with prominent effect (img 13).

Tradition Reinterpreted

Many designers these days are choosing to enhance the aesthetics of their designs by interpreting traditional crafts like Lippai, Warli, Madhubani, Orissa Patachitras, and others on various surfaces. Shibani Jain is one such prolific user of traditional arts, whose design for this state of the art spa reinvents Dokra craft for wall decor (img 14).

Go for Gold

As the trends tend towards the bold in terms of expression, our attention is drawn towards the method of using pure metallics such as gold as a colour. So far used along with ornate details, now metallic colours make intrepid appearances on wide plain expanses, like this gold display wall with minimalist detailing at a boutique designed by Yatin Kavaiya and Jiten Tosar of Usine Studio (img 15).

Having thus threaded together the portending interior design trends displayed by designers on TFOD, I would like to welcome you to explore the treasure-trove of talented designers’ works on the TFOD galleries - all of which is impossible to cover in a single feature! You will find more trends perhaps, but definitely many more examples of the ones discussed here. Enjoy the finely nuanced restlessness impicit in the study-convertible-to-guest-room by KNS Architects in the cover image. Watch the infinity of space articulated by the emphatic linearity and aerodynamic cornerless forms, and seamless spatial transitions. See bright colours pep up the predominantly white theme, use of stripes and patterns, and graphics on the cushions - all making an aptly representative trendsetter.

As the years draws to an end, the popular trends would carry forward into the new one; with seasonal and festive variations of course bringing in a fresh and innovative boost here and there... So let's look ahead to more wonderful designs and styles in 2016!

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