A lot has been happening on TFOD – over the past few weeks! Some amazing new Profiles have been created, many old Profiles have seen some amazing Updates, a lot of Companies have been registering, adding Products and engaging with us in bigger ways, and life has been hectic all around. 

We welcome on board the new entrants – stalwarts like Mujib Ahmed & Lalita Tharani of Collaborative Architecture, Kalhan Mattoo & Santha Gaur Mattoo of Planet3 Studios, Sandeep Khosla & Amaresh Anand of Khosla Associates, Gayathri Shetty & Namith Verma of GNA, Rajeev Sathe & Suvarna Sathe of Sathe Architects, Salil Ranadive of SRA, as well as the fresh talent of iStudio Architecture, Collective Project, and Neha Goel – among many! Wonderful new Projects have been added to their Profiles by Dipen Gada and Ar. Rajesh Patel. 

Ar. Ketan Jawdekar has signed up afresh as an Artist and his art-works can now be seen on the TFOD Art Gallery. The Art space has also seen a lot of growth, with many new artists, displaying their creations. Our Allied List has also seen some interesting additions – of Photographers, Writers, and PMCs too!

And now of course, this co-branding with Hafele!! Our really successful initiative of picking up the Best Profile every Week (meeting our criteria of selection) now becomes “Hafele – TFOD Profile Of The Week” and we proudly start off this new brand with Ar. Rajesh Patel!