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Hafele-TFOD Profile Of The Week: CollectiveProject

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on July 09, 2015 at 03:36 PM

An international design studio with a lot of promise and passion, CollectiveProject bags the Hafele TFOD Profile Of The Week! Architects Cyrus Patell and Eliza Higgins established CollectiveProject in Bangalore in 2013. Within a short span of time, the firm has grown into one of the most promising young design studios in the country. We appreciate their presence and participation on TFOD – The Future Of Design.

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An innate sensitivity to climate and context marks the work of CollectiveProject; which is concept-driven and finely detailed. Mediating between multiple scales and combining spatial narratives, landscape and materials, the design process emerges from an open and fluid approach. The firm’s design output draws inspiration from site, culture, environment and technology.

Cyrus was drawn to architecture as a profession from an early age, as he had grown up seeing a lot of architects around and was always amazed by their work. Eliza, on the other hand, had more artistic leanings but didn’t see art as a profession and quite accidentally ended up choosing architecture – which then quickly became a passion! Though their journeys have been vastly different, their design ideologies have found a common ground. And it is this synergy that comes forth in the architecture they produce in the studio. 

“One’s aesthetic develops slowly over time and is unique based on personal experiences and exposure. Design evolves through a collaborative exchange and is not reliant on a specific style or preconceived notion of how the end product should appear. It is a well-balanced and detailed spatial composition that appears effortless regardless of the many hours it took to get there,” explain the duo. “Good design is something that can be sensed but is almost impossible to describe; it is what we constantly aspire towards.” 

Whether furniture or interiors or residential buildings or institutional complexes, the designers’ approach to the problem remains constant. Extending the same philosophy over varied products and spaces, they strive to achieve meaningful and sustainable solutions, with a sharp focus on quality of execution and delivery.

Pics: 3 - 7

A Montessori school Ekya Early Years on a two-acre site, is an experience they cherish – for the multitude of challenges it posed and opportunities it presented. This adaptive-reuse project entailed an old industrial building to be repurposed for an exclusive preschool. Within this predefined framework, playful architectural interventions occur at the children’s scale. The use of design and architecture as an interface between learning and playing, between intellectual and emotional development of young minds is explored well in this project.

Their other notable projects from the studio include a landscape/reading room, a patisserie and a music bar.

Pics: 8 - 10

In an unusual landscape/reading room project an unused strip of 15’ x 50’ on a residential plot was transformed into a densely planted reading pavilion. Using planks of reclaimed wood as cladding for the pavilion creates an ambience of tranquil wilderness in an urban setting. 

Pics: 11 - 12

With Spoonful of Sugar - a popular patisserie in Bangalore, a more playful imagery comes to the fore. A white, pink and grey scheme reiterates the colours of the brand, and the overall theme complements the brand’s graphics and packaging.  

Pics: 13 - 16

The renovation of the popular bar and music venue The Humming Tree respects the industrial aesthetic of the original design and builds on it to create a cozy, brick and metal clad hotspot.

With these and many more interesting and projects in the pipeline, CollectiveProject is steadily scaling the steps to success! The Future Of Design commends their work and wishes them a great future.

Designer : CollectiveProject, Bangalore
Photography :Courtesy the architects

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