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Greenearth Culture Pvt. Ltd.

Industries :Building Components, Decor, Furniture, Kitchen, Outdoor Products, Walls
Business Detail

To address the scarcity of eco-friendly and sustainable building materials, Greenearth Culture also embarked on a journey to develop a product called CHIVA - Handcrafted Bamboo Veneer. CHIVA is in sheet form meant for surface lamination for interiors, as an eco friendly alternative to Formicas, Sunmicas & Veneers. It can also used in product design, packaging & of course, the imagination of the users. CHIVA is crafted out of select hand tooled bamboo slivers, treated with non-toxic preservatives, stained with natural dyes and woven by the traditional artisans from the villages.

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401, Balmurali, A Wing, 11th Road, Chembur, Mumbai 400 071