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16 Wacky Walls to Back Your Bed!

Posted by
on July 26, 2015 at 03:19 PM

The wall at the back of my bed niggles my sensibilities every time I enter the #bedroom. Well, it’s not a wall I see when I am in bed, but one I see very time I enter the room and definitely one that could potentially make my bed more inviting. In our hectic lives, we hardly need  an invitation to crash into that comfy haven! But well-adorned and aesthetically pleasing walls do wonders to the ambience of the bedroom! No amount of detailing is ever enough in this area; so in my latest renovation spree, I decided to browse for better, dreamier, whackier, more innovative ideas to do up a wall at the back of the bed. And I was rewarded with some striking results along with a lovely surprise - that the most inspiring and brilliant ones were sourced right here, from #TFOD!

© Courtesy of www.tfod.in and other internet sources

Sunny Moonlight (cover image)

Whether you imagine it to be the sun shining bright in a yellow sky or the moon peeping through the dark, silhouetted foliage, it’s a good morning or good night accordingly. The apt placement of the transfers of leafy branches around the lamp, paired with the sunshine yellow wall colour, give this otherwise routine idea in Nikhil Agarwal's design a brilliant result.

Psychedelic Mural (image 1)

Having decals, murals, floral wall papers or paintings on the back wall of a bedroom are regular ideas, but this neon yellow on black mural in psychedelic strokes simply jazzes up the dark-n-white ambience without spoiling its balance.

Dream Weavers (image 2, 3)

These two bedrooms, one by Shailesh Veera and another by Sonali Shah, have futuristically themed decor which makes them slightly stiff and plastic, despite the curves and flowing lines. The more interesting likeness in these two schemes is how both have used sheer or lacy fabric suspended at the back of the bed to bring in the dreamy touch.

Traditional Chic (image 4)

Jali work mounted on a huge mirror covering the entire wall above the bed coupled with sheer and satin full length curtains give a beautiful traditional spin to this otherwise contemporary composition. The limited colour palette of beige, white and brown lend a calming aura in this bedroom designed by Binita Ganatra .

Earthy Aesthetics (image 5)

Detailing is often just the diligence to go the whole way, and that is amply exhibited here in this house design by iStudioArchitecture. “The Brick House’, which features the entire range of brickwork elements, has its master bedroom fitted with a brickwork bed backed by an exposed brick wall like all other walls and goes further to even have bed covers that match the brick pattern. The curves of the bed and bedside table flow in tune with those of the walls and other features of the house.

Motif Magic (image 6)

These repetitive traditional motifs on blue panels on the wardrobe shutters as well as behind the bed add a pretty touch of colour to the overall plain and peaceful white scheme by TFODian Prashant Chauhan. The talented architects Prashant & Anu Chauhan of Zero9 infuse a lot of thought and feeling in the spaces they design - with sensitive attention to little details such as these!

Fab with Fabric (image 7)

Bhavin Sheth’s design for this bedroom has the striped fabric of the window blinds repeated in patchwork over the bed’s headboard to subtly bring out an already muted theme. This idea is sure to be a hit with people who prefer sober, subtle designs.

Pretty DIY (image 8)

A collage of circular, similarly themed wall plaques mounted on the wall above the bed of this pretty pink girly bedroom is a wonderfully easy DIY solution for bedroom decor.

Whacky Whims (image 9, 10)

Browsing the internet threw up some incredibly outlandish ideas, like this row of oars forming the headboard for a probable seafarer’s bed. Or even this corrugated tin sheet cut out in a traditionally royal profile as the headboard, adding just a touch of innovation to an otherwise routine decor. 

Woody Warmth (image 11)

Really long, horizontal wooden slats mounted on the back wall continue as a canopied false ceiling above the bed in this bedroom decor by KNS Architects. Coupled with the wood panelled deck the bed is mounted on and the warm lights, this creates a cozy, woody cove of the bed in an otherwise large bedroom. A beautiful application has been used to define space and scale.

Tuck In With Memories (image 12)

A black and white theme builds up the aura and is amply supported by the pin board backing the bed with large, black and white photographs to tuck in to sweet dreams with sweet memories. A faint lavender bed cover brings in the feminine touch and the orange lamp shades add just the bit of warmth to this daughter’s bedroom design by Shishu Yadava.

Hexa Play (image 13)

TFODian Sonali Shah’s bedroom design uses a lot of Corian solid surface in the podium on which the bed is mounted, the side table, side and back walls to create a flawless, white space. Hexagonal cut outs appear in different sizes and places on this surface, some of them on the floor fitted with hexagonal brown granite pieces, some on the head board filled with upholstery and some left blank for displaying knick knacks and lights. Along with the orange fabrics for curtains and upholstery and orange maple leaves mounted on the walls, the decor hints at a Canadian fall-winter theme.

Streamlined (image 14)

This study room by KNS Architects is designed to be converted into a guest bed room, being fitted with a couch which can be used for sleeping. The room appears narrow and linear, with aerodynamically shaped bookshelves and study table lining one longer side and the couch and side table along the facing wall. This arrangement, supplemented by the colourful horizontal bands painted on the wall backing the couch, emphasizes the linearity of the room and lends it a character recalls outer space and space ships.

Aqua Aura (image 15)

And then there's the bedroom by GNA in a house on the waterfront. With the bed placed against a floor to ceiling glass window which looks out upon the lake and the sky beyond, and the floor below matching its hue and becoming one with the water outside. This is a water lover’s dream paradise.

The limits of this article format define the point where my list ends, but the list on TFOD veritably runs into hundreds of ideas for bedroom decor. Check out these brilliant ones by Archana and Amit Shah, Abida Banu, Rupande Shah, Bakir Baldiwala, Nupur Magdum, Amit and Ashmi Shah, Reza Kabul,Sanjay Punjabi, Sanjiv Chowdhury, Rahul Menon and Ojas Choudhry, Yatin Kavaiya and Jiten Tosar, stARCH design spectrum, Studio An-V-Thot, Ketan Jawdekar, Rajesh Patel, Rajeev Sathe, Rahul Dalvi, Dipen Gada, De Panache, Milind Pai, and many others. So, for all sorts of design ideas to appeal to varied sensibilities - just explore The Future Of Design - www.tfod.in!

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