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ILLUMiNANT is an Ahmedabad based High End LED Lighting Solution provider pan India with Gujarat being its base. Our Scope of work enables us to continuously interact with Architects, Interiors, Lighting Designers, Electrical Consultants and Engineers across the world, providing our services. Our expertise has awarded us numerous prestigious projects both in the private and government sectors. With over a decade of Experience in LED Lighting Field and 250+ Projects executed - Residences, Hotels & Restaurants, Offices, Commercial Projects, Infrastructure Projects including Airports, Monuments, Landscape & Underwater Lighting. We have done it all!!! You can count on us for the support our customers require for all lighting needs. We deal with the following International Brands to name a few: 1. Prolicht (Austria) https://www.prolicht.at/ 2. Luce & Light (Italy) https://www.lucelight.it/en/ 3. EcoSense (USA) https://www.ecosenselighting.com/ 4. Louis Paulsen Decorative & Outdoor Lighting (Italy) https://www.louispoulsen.com/en/professional 5. Rise Lighting (South Korea) http://www.rise-lighting.com/rase_en/ 6. Luci (Japan) https://www.luci.co.jp/en/ 7. ModuleX (Japan) https://modulexlighting.uk/ 8. Advanced Fiber Optics (Spain) https://www.afo.es/

ILLUMiNANT A/108, Infinity Tower, Nr. Ramada Hotel, Corporate Road, Nr. Praladhnagar AUDA Garden, Praladhnagar, Ahmedabad - 380015

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